(100mg/500mg CBD) Phoenix Tears (1mL) by Green Road

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Green Road CBD Phoenix Tears 100mg CBD / 0mg THC / per 1mL unit

Green Road CBD Phoenix Tears 500mg CBD / 0mg THC / per 1mL unit

100mg/500mg CBD in each 1mL syringe. Contains C02 CBD extracted from Canadian grown organic hemp diluted in grapeseed oil. A great low-cost way for patients to try CBD for the first time. Non-intoxicating (non-psychotropic).

Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil, Hemp Concentrate

Directions: For Oral use only. Warm before using for easy dispensing.

Dose: Start with 0.1mL (10mg) 2x day. Do not exceed 60mg within the first 3 days of use for patients new to Cannabis. Increase dosage until symptoms subside. Note: Too high of a dosage can cause drowsiness at first.

*Lab Tested in a Health Canada Approved Facility

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