Nuage Distillate Vape Kit By Forever Phoenix

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In order to deliver maximum performance, the Nuage is uniquely designed to match the viscosity of Phoenix’s Pure 91% THC extract. Made with organic absorption materials and a ceramic core; the Nuage is arguably Phoenix’s greatest product to-date.

It’s not just the hardware that has left connoisseurs amazed — Forever Phoenix has pioneered the wave in organic and toxin-free cannabis oil. Made with purified distillate and cannabis terpenes, Phoenix’s all-natural oil contains absolutely No Pg, No Vg, and No Vitamin E-Acetate.

Includes Battery, Charger and One Top

• 600mg THC Cartridge

• Universal 510 Thread

• Ceramic Core

• Precision-placed vertical ceramic core system

• Engineered 2.0 intake size for pure viscosity

• Direct airflow system for increased vapor production

• Open top reservoir

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